Follow your heart

Earlier this year I already wrote about following your heart. About the lessons of 2012. The year has almost come to an end and I have learned a few important lessons in these last couple of weeks.

A bumpy ride
In the July edition of Happinez magazine I read an interesting article: “If you are walking your path, you will undoubtedly encounter difficulties. Those are there to test you: to see if this really is what you want.” On my path, however, the difficulties seem to know no end. I think I have been tested more than enough by now. What is it that I am doing wrong? I am looking for signs that I am on the right path, but I can’t find any.

In November I am driving to Schevingen for the finals of the ASN World Business Awards. A few of my lovely fans come along. I am quite nervous as all 10 finalists appear on stage. Tatatada……

For the third time in a row (when it comes to competitions like this one), I am not the winner. I sooo wished I were. Doubt, sadness and disappointment arise to the surface…. Not another non-positive sign. I can’t deal with this anymore. Why can’t I get just one sign telling me that I am on the right path? I swallow my tears and try to get myself together. That ain’t easy. My plans clearly aren’t good enough again.

Presentation business plan

Two days later I realise that not being the winner doesn’t mean that my plan is bad. The plans of the other participants aren’t bad either, are they? No! So, don’t be so hard on yourself, Sandra! But still…. Something doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t feel like I have found the right path yet. And that irks me. I work so hard, have tried so many different things and I am still not getting the desired outcomes. That really is difficult…

 The penny drops
Then someone points out my strong desire to become successful. I am deeply touched (truly on soul level) if I am being asked to choose between (1) selling my products, (2) sharing my philosophy and (3) being successful. In all honesty I have to admit that I would find the third option most important. Earning a lot of money and being financially successful. That is what I studied for, right? But in being so bluntly honest with myself I realise that the drive for success is blocking the other two options. Auch…. But good to see. But pffff, how am I going to let go??

After a few days it feels like a switch has been turned. I am sad and so desperately want to feel energized with what I do. Suddenly I realise that I really want to step into my own strength. I want to do the things that I am good at. That is how I can serve the world best. That is being successful in the purest of ways. Finally I seem to understand.

I am elated. I do understand how it works! If we all do what we are good at, if we all do what makes us happy, then we do exactly what we are here to do. Then we can create something awesome together! Everyone brings his or her own strengths and qualities to the table. That is how it works. Suddenly all pieces of the puzzle seem to fall into place. The energy flows again. Wow!

A few days later another penny drops. I know what to do. From day 1 it has been my desire to share the Boxo philosophy: to create moments of joy, anywhere in the world. To connect. Local to global. To make a difference in an honest and beautiful way. By being me. By sharing my enthusiasm, my energy and my positive outlook on life. By inspiring others. And no, not only by just selling products.

The products are the vehicle to share the philosophy, not the goal itself. They are the storytellers. It is this philosophy that I want to share. And yes, of course that could result in a tangible product, a product with a little extra: the Boxo philosophy. But it could just as well lead to working on projects, projects in which I will add the Boxo flavour. That is it!

I finally understand the wise words from the people around me when they said: trust and let go. But I could not do that as I felt I wasn’t on the right track yet. But I do totally understand what they mean now. My whole body speaks to me: it is right. I have found my path. What an amazing experience! I feel confident and full of trust.

Do I know exactly what to do now? No, not really. But I dare to trust and I believe that all will be right. This is what I have to do: act from the philosophy. Step into my power and share my positivity, my enthusiasm and my energy.

I look forward to it: 2013, here I come!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Josee says:

    Wat een verhaal, wat een openheid, wat een inzichten! You go girl!

  2. Super om terug te lezen Sandra, en heel inspirerend, ook voor mijzelf weer! ja, laten we er een prachtig 2013 van maken!

  3. Mooie blog Sandra, herkenbaar. De eerste stappen zijn bezet. Ik wens je veel wind mee in 2013 voor al je plannen!

  4. Hoi San, vanuit je mail nu je blog gelezen. Het is al met al een hele reis (ik volg je al een tijdje) en op die reis heb je al wat haltes gehad….misschien niet altijd leuk maar wel leerzaam, zo blijkt! Ik heb bewondering voor je doorzettingsvermogen en deel graag of 10/1 of op een ander moment nog meer van wat je gaat doen dit jaar. Ik bied je ook iets aan, want je kunt misschien nog wel wat zelfinzicht gebruiken. Als je zin en tijd hebt, staat de WAVE voor je klaar. De test die ik gebruik om de sterke en minder sterke kanten van mensen in kaart te brengen. Het zijn er 108 dus een aantal zal bekend zijn, een aantal misschien ook niet? In elk geval, laat maar weten. Er zijn veel mensen die je willen helpen dus blijf ajb doorgaan! Groet en zoen vanuit een nevelig Warder! Annemieke

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