Ready for the 21st century

Whilst listening to an interesting video of happiness-architect Anton Chernikov I realise something beautiful.

At the end of 2012 I realised I need to change my definition of success. Until that moment I had believed that ‘being successful’ had to do with making it out there (being famous and making a lot of money). In November, that all changed. Drastically. I realised that success to me means something different. For me it is about using your own talents. About doing what you love doing most, doing what you are good at and feeling energized by doing it. Suddenly I realised that being successful means using your strengths and talents and fulfilling your purpose. Whatever that purpose holds for you.

Today, whilst listening to Anton Chernikov, the idea arises that that is exactly what companies in the 21st century have to do: they should (re)find their purpose and work from there. Adding value, being of value to the consumers with their products and services, eliciting a positive feeling and connecting to the market place. In short, creating an experience that is relevant and of benefit to the consumer. Simon Sinek already said it in his TED talk: ‘start with why’.

It is a true light bulb moment for me. It confirms that my change of direction can be done. That my purpose to make the world shine can be done! I can help companies to (re)find their purpose and make them shine from within. Because that bright light is about positive feelings, gaining beautiful insights and establishing genuine connections. And one can only shine when one does something that truly makes one happy or inspires. And I love doing just that!


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