It all started with one sentence. A profound one. About joy.

March 2016. We sit outside. It is another sunny day in the northern part of Spain. One of the last days of our 100-day journey in a campervan. I can’t remember the question exactly, but I’ll never forget my answer to it. I felt passionate and dedicated when I said: ”Yeah, but you know what? Joy can change the world!”. I was amazed. Where did that statement come from? I didn’t know, but I did feel the power of it. There was no way I could not not feel it. And my friend Nicole felt it too.

A few months later I arrived in South Africa where I shared the statement with my love. He looked at me in surprise. His scientific mind responded quite critically. I felt kind of attacked by his questions, but I must have given some solid answers as he started to think about it and started to support me. It was his suggestion to use my time in Barrydale to start to interview people about joy. And that is how it all started. My research on joy.

I started to read books about joy and with whatever else I read, I always looked for insights on joy. Actually, I checked for joy in everything I did. If I didn’t feel joy, I questioned myself about my approach and why I didn’t feel joy. And I changed what I could to feel joyful again. I investigated how joy could influence the workplace. I talked to people about their joy and they shared the most amazing answers with me. I learned so much about people’s perspective on joy. And about myself. I discovered that choosing joy was such a natural thing for me to do. I understood more and more why the statement felt so true to me.

The interviews, the books, the chats, they all showed me the potential of joy. And as time past, I got more and more excited about it and I started to interview people on a more regular basis. It was in these interviews that magic happened. Seeds of joy got planted. Pennies dropped. People questioned themselves about it and got back to me. Joy was flowing in abundance. Dinner conversations changed. I loved it!

It was also how I discovered my own joy. Doing these interviews brought me tremendous joy. Being fully present in these moments turned some of these interviews into magical events. And you must know: I love magic. To me that is unmistakably a result of joy.

The statement ‘joy can change the world’ certainly holds true for me. It has changed my life beautifully. Or maybe not necessarily changed, but it has made me very well aware of my operating mechanism. And very well aware of what brings me joy. How I can use my talents. So, I have decided to continue interviewing people about joy. To see how different people look at joy, whether cultural differences play a role and of course to discover how we can make that change!

So, if you think of anyone that I must interview, please let me know! I’ll happily spread the seeds of joy and magic!


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