Do we need to suffer in order to find joy?

Do we need to suffer in order to find joy?
“No!” would be my immediate answer to that question.

But what about the Law of Polarity? What about the fact that we need ‘light’ to recognize the ‘dark’? Don’t we need to suffer in order to recognize joy? No. It is this law and these ideas that have confused us to the extent that we think we need to have suffered in order for us to experience joy. That is a myth. It is not necessary to have suffered before you can feel joy.

We all recognize joy. Without a doubt. Because joy is our true essence. It is who we are and what we came here to be. It doesn’t mean, however, that we are all already connected to our true essence, but we don’t necessarily need a crisis to connect to it.

In all the interviews that I have done over the past 2 years I have not met a single person who couldn’t share a moment of true joy with me. Even the most pessimistic persons – who really thought they had never experienced joy – remembered moments in which they felt true joy. One of the enablers to experiencing joy is to ALLOW yourself to experience it.

I have come noticed that a lot of us do not allow ourselves to experience joy. To be happy for no specific reason. It is like we all have to suffer in order to be somebody. Why can’t we just live a joyful life without feeling guilty about it?

Personally, I felt very guilty about it. I often felt quite alien when people shared their life’s stories with me and I couldn’t think of anything bad or dramatic in mine. The fact that my parents were so occupied building their business that they hardly had any time for our family, the fact that they divorced, that my dad passed away at a relatively young age, my own divorce… It didn’t leave me with any painful feelings. Actually those events were life-changing happenings in the most beautiful of ways. But that doesn’t sell, my writing teacher told me. I was flabbergasted. Just as I was astonished all those times when sales people told me to identify the problem and then solve it. I didn’t see any problems… It turns out that I am quite incapable of seeing problems; when I detect a problem, I immediately see it as a challenge for which we will soon find a solution. An blessing in disguise. It is an almost automatic mechanism.

I do understand that we sometimes have to go through processes in which we experience pain or despair in order for us to grow. To grow our levels of awareness and consciousness. But we don’t need pain in order to be able to experience the depth of joy. That really is a different story.

I believe it is important for everyone to connect to your own joy. To find out what it is that truly fulfils you. Because that feeling is a wonderful sensation and a true guide in life to live a life full of love, magic and fulfilment.

If you ever feel you are off track and you want to get back onto your path, think about something you love (doing), something quite inexplicable, something that lights you up inside and follow it. It will lead you the way. Promised. But remember, I didn’t say that it will be a smooth path. It can, but it might also be a bumpy ride. But believe me: either way, it is going to be worth it!

Love, Sandra

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