Magical places

It has been more than a week since I was at this magical place in the most southern part of the Netherlands. A place where Carole and I worked on our next adventure: an expedition into Northern Ghana.

We brainstormed, discussed the contents of the website, we wrote, laughed, cried, walked for hours through the idyllic landscape, enjoyed the deafening silence, meditated, played Banagrams and above all felt immense gratitude for this co-creative experience. It is special how corona brought us together in the Netherlands and how we now step into this magical adventure together.

It is a dream come true. I get to do what makes me soooo happy: traveling through a different culture, capturing stories that are of value to the world, portraying a pioneer who follows her heart and lives her dream, working with African talents and being immersed into a totally different world. I know that this is going to be an adventure that will enrich my life in ways I cannot yet comprehend.

While enjoying a coffee with frothed milk (I will most certainly miss that in Ghana …) we share ideas about the expedition. What do we have in mind? How do we want people to join us? Which life questions do we have ourselves? “Oh, and maybe it’s cool to take along other people’s life questions and find the answers there.”

We are getting more and more enthusiastic, happier and energetic as the days go by. This may be due to our plans, but the weather certainly helps. The sun gets stronger and on day 4 we can sit outside on the little bench in front of the house and enjoy our coffee. I feel deeply connected to Africa, while my hand reaches for the bowl of typically Dutch gingerbread cookies. Best of both worlds, I think to myself.

When back in Hoorn I take a last bite of the special pie I brought with me from Limburg I cannot stop smiling. How beautiful life is when you dare to follow your heart. Sigh.

And yes, soon you will hear more about this special expedition. That’s for sure. 

Love from me for now!

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