About me

Hi! My name is Sandra Korse, I am Dutch and I resided in Cape Town (South-Africa) until the corona virus sent me back to the Netherlands. And I have to admit: I love being back in my home country where I am surrounded by amazing family and friends. I love the creative and innovative vibes of the Dutch and it gives me the opportunity to work with like-hearted people on a few amazing film projects. So, I am very happy being ‘stuck’ in The Netherlands.

People describe me as “a sparkling personality who listens with her heart and who is a passionate interviewer when it comes to deep soulful topics.”

I would like to call myself a soulful filmmaker. A filmmaker who wants to be part of the experience that is being captured. To truly be able to take the viewer with me on the journey, on a vibration that is palpable. The documentaries that I love to make are not films that open your eyes to reality, but documentaries that open your heart to the possibility. It is my deepest desire to create content that brings inspiration, hope and joy to the world. I guess my first documentary, A million steps for love, is a testament to that.

I am a true adventurer and love to dive into new experiences that enrich my soul. More and more often I am being led by my inner voice and that in itself is an incredible journey. I feel blessed to be able to work with people who dare to follow their own path in life, and who make choices not only for the betterment of themselves, but for the greater good for all.

I am a light-hearted person with a zest for life that seems to be untameable. I have accepted it as part of my being :-).  It still is one of my greatest dreams to interview people in Africa about joy and to capture their inspiring stories on camera to make a documentary on joy.

What more is there to know about me?
Well, I have stopped to temper my wild curls (way too difficult), I am following my inner voice more and more often (way more fun), I love walking barefoot,  I love café lattes and I cannot imagine a world without laughter (and I can do that very loudly).

I truly hope that you will find the courage to follow your own path in life, as I believe and know from experience that it opens up the magical road to love, peace and true joy.

Love, Sandra