A Million Steps for Love

A story about the value of sisterhood and the power of love.

A million steps for love is created in close cooperation with Esmeralda Heij (Vrouwen met LEF), whose mission in life is to share the message of love.

From 2014 to 2020 she walked from Finisterre (Spain) to Jerusalem, a journey of 5.000 kilometers in the name of love. During the last 75 kilometers of her journey, straight through the Westbank of Palestine, she was accompanied by thirteen women.

This documentary shows this last stretch through the beautiful and barren landscape of Palestine and shares with you the message of love.

A million steps for love
Revealing the hidden parts of me

Revealing the Hidden Parts of Me

Revealing the Hidden Parts of Me is a short documentary that dives into the lives of four women who embark on a journey of burlesque dancing.

Coming from totally different backgrounds, all four women invite you into their lives and show their true nakedness. With stories of courage. Of doubt and insecurity. Of embodying the Goddess within

Revealing the Hidden Parts of Me is a true and honest portrait of four brave women, who each share their personal story. Stories that the world needs to hear. Now more than ever.

Filmed in cooperation with Lady Magnolia, head mistress of the Rouge Revue in Cape Town, South Africa.

Back to our Roots

Back to our Roots tells the story of the Dutch Carole Donkers as she gradually discovers the true meaning of her fascination for Kunta Kinte’s story. Discoveries that have a deep impact and change her forever.

It is a journey into the essence of humanity. Self-conscious leaders who are dedicated to creating a brighter world for all of us, share their perspectives on life.

Their wisdom portrays the authentic connection with Spirit and Mother Earth. In listening to their stories and ideas, you are invited to dive deeper and deeper into the essence of your own being. Filmed in cooperation with Creators 4 Humanity.

Back to our Roots

Next Project

I dream of a world where we are all connected to our inner joy. Connected to the life force energy that enables us to make our wildest dreams come true.

It’s my dream to capture the wisdom of the Earth. To travel to places where the original people of the Earth still live in direct connection with Mother Earth. To share their wisdom with a those who are ready to hear it.

I know that these kinds of dreams are born from a deep soul’s desire and at the same time are closely related and beautifully aligned with the greater good. Being a conduit for sharing messages that the world needs to hear.