Sandra Korse

As a filmmaker I prefer to fully immerse myself in the experience that I am capturing. So that I can feel what I would want the viewer to experience and to be able to take the viewer on the journey with me. It is therewith my personal mission to create films with messages that speak to the soul and that help raise the levels of consciousness on our planet.

More and more often I let my inner voice guide me. That in itself is a fascinating journey worth capturing, but for now I focus on those ideas and projects that make me feel excited. Film projects that enrich my soul and make me feel alive. Projects that make me experience true joy.

I feel blessed to be able to work with people who dare to follow their joy and their own path in life. Those who make choices from the heart and therefore contribute to the creation of Heaven on Earth.

A Million Steps for Love

A million steps for love

A million steps for love | A documentary about a pilgrim’s journey in the name of love. A story about the value of sisterhood, the challenges encountered in walking your own path and the pain of the world. But above all, a story about the power of love. Read more.

Revealing the Hidden Parts of Me

Revealing the hidden parts of me

Revealing the Hidden Parts of Me | A documentary about the lives of four burlesque dancers as they embark on their journey of self-discovery. A story about the value of community, about finding the courage to take up your own place in this world and the power in accepting yourself for who you are. Read more.

Back to our Roots

Back to our Roots

Back to our Roots | A documentary about finding our way back to our roots, our own essence. A colourful, authentic and rich portrait of life as it is in its true essence. A story that will reconnect you to your own roots, sharing the immense value of community, so deeply longed for. Read more.

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