My dream


My dream has always been about joy. Finding it. Living it. Sharing it. Being connected to your inner joy to me means that you reach a level of consciousness that makes you fall in love with your own life. And I would love for people to be able to access their own joy and make the world a more loving, joyful and prosperous place for all of us

Fourteen years ago I co-created a ‘soup kitchen’ with the women in the local community in a little village in Namibia. What I experienced there is something that I find difficult to put in words. I believe I felt what it means to be alive. To be so fully in the present moment that the energy simply flows through your system and you are in love with life. It is my dream to one day go back and capture their life and inspiring stories and their ceaseless effort to cook for all the orphans in the ‘locasie’, the local community.

My soul calls me to go back to Africa
“Why Africa?” is a question that I have asked myself over and over again. Ever since I was a child I have had this inexplicable love for Africa. And it has not faded. I know that it is related to my dream about creating a more joyful world. Because it was in Africa where my joy was sparked for the very first time. And for many times thereafter. I believe Africa has something truly beautiful to share with the world: the power of joy. And I would love to find out more and share my findings with you.

Joy can change the world
In 2016 I heard myself say: ‘Yes, but joy can change the world!’ I instantly felt it was true. In talking to people about it I was encouraged to further research the topic of joy to find more evidence for this bold statement. I started to interview people about joy. Mainly in Africa.

These interviews have been extremely insightful. I indeed found evidence that joy is immensely powerful and that everyone can experience it. Regardless of the circumstances. I came to understand why I have always had and still have a love for Africa: Africa has something truly beautiful and powerful to share with the world: the power of joy.

The joy I find in interviewing people, in being on the road and my deepest desire to contribute positively to this world has led to the idea of making a documentary on joy. And I would love to start at the place where I have experienced so much genuine joy: the ‘locasie’ in Omaruru.

I believe that the time is right to share with the world how we can find joy, how we live with joy and how we can share it. Well, we don’t really have to do anything for the latter, because even scientists agree: joy is (highly) contagious.

And joy resides in all of us. In abundance. It is just waiting for us to unleash it. It is my ultimate dream to contribute to unleashing this inner joy in people and make the world a more loving, joyful and prosperous place for all of us.