My work

A million steps for love | 50-minute documentary

A million steps for love is my first middle-long documentary. The documentary takes you on a journey through the beautiful and barren landscape of Palestine and shares with you the message of love.

“A ‘must see’ for women who want to be inspired to choose to walk their own path in life.”

It is the story of Esmeralda Heij who hiked all the way from Finisterre in Spain to Jerusalem in Israel. A journey of 5.000 kilometers that she covered in seven stages. During the last 75 kilometers of her journey, straight through the Westbank of Palestine, she was accompanied by thirteen Dutch women. Of this last week a documentary is made.

Created in close cooperation with Esmeralda Heij, owner of Vrouwen met LEF


Revealing the Hidden Parts of Me | 38-minute documentary

Revealing the hidden parts of me is a short documentary that dives into the lives of four women who embark on the journey of burlesque dancing. We follow them from their first class through to their first live performance.

Coming from totally different backgrounds all four women invite us into their lives and share their personal story with us. Stories in which they show their true nakedness. Stories of courage. Of doubt and insecurity. Of embodying the Goddess within.

A film not only about the act of sensual dancing itself, but about the value of a community, about finding the courage to take up space in this world and about finding the strength to fully embrace who they are. This documentary is a true and honest portrait of four amazing women, who each share their own personal story. Stories that the world needs to hear. Now more than ever.

Filmed in cooperation with Lady Magnolia, head mistress of the Rouge Revue in Cape Town, South Africa.